What Does Pain Feel Like...

Do wounds hurt...?
What does pain feel like?
I've never been hurt before, so I was wondering how it felt...

It's painful and unbearable...
Like, when a person is shot or cut,
he becomes very ill at ease and he can't think normally,
I can't explain it well, but simply put, it's not a very good condition to be in.
People hurt each other and get hurt during their lifetimes
But it is difficult to hate another

Maybe I'm injured, too, like everyone else
I always hurt here...
I'm not bleeding, but my chest really hurts here

Flesh wounds bleed, and they may seem painful...
But as time goes by, the pain eventually disappears
And if you use medicine, the wounds will heal even faster.
But the tricky wounds are the ones in your heart
Those are difficult to heal

A wound of the heart?

A wound of the heart is different from a flesh wound
Unlike a flesh wound
there are no ointments to heal it, and there are times when they never heal
But there is one thing that can heal a wound of the heart
It is a troublesome medicine
and you can only reveive it from antoher person
The thing that can heal a wound of the heart is...
Love is the spirit of devoting yourself to someone important and close to you...
It is expressed by caring for and protecting that person

Can you feel my pain?

It tasts like metal


6.6.07 23:01

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Tugba (21.6.07 14:06)
geil o.o

Meryem (24.6.07 12:47)
is aus naruto ;D

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